John Coles


John is a graduate of Rice University in Health and Physical Education. He had a full scholarship for, and played all four years as, a member of the Rice basketball team.

John began his professional career as an entrepreneur in the motion picture industry. From 1972 to 1992, he owned over 15 motion picture theatres in Texas. He also served on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Theatres Owners of Texas and was Vice President and Director of the National Independent Theatre Exhibitors Association.


John’s theatre in Dallas, The Inwood, was named the top motion picture theatre in the state by Texas Monthly Magazine for several years in the mid 1980’s.  The Inwood exhibited foreign films, independent films and hosted the USA Film Festival.  It was the first theatre in the state to receive a liquor license and soon thereafter opened the “Lounge” at the Inwood Theatre.


In Houston, he was General Partner of the Bel Air Theatre after it was restored and converted to a five-screen venue featuring independent and foreign films. John has also been a past President of the Bellaire Exchange Club and is currently the President of the R Association at Rice University and a Director of the Women’s Athletic Advisory Board at Rice. Currently, John is a Residential Lending Officer for Whitney Bank in Houston.