Americans have a notorious relationship with their history. How many times have you been shocked to find a young person with little knowledge of the fight for women's rights, or the battle to eradicate polio, or the wrenching conflict in Vietnam? Out-of-sight, out-of-mind describes this sad condition all too well.


We are the Documentary Alliance, a Houston-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating the cultural amnesia that robs Americans of the valuable lessons of the past. We do this by using film, video and multimedia to fashion thoughtful and thought provoking programs about history, culture, and science. By preserving and presenting these ideas, we hope to inform, inspire, and empower Americans to fashion a better tomorrow.


Documentary Alliance programs will be distributed to the American public on television, home video, the Internet, in schools, and by sharing programs with other nonprofit organizations. Our primary venue is PBS,  a forum with a primetime national audience of over 150 million viewers.





By becoming a catalyst for greater understanding and appreciation for history our nation and the people who shape its future will not be destined to repeat the mistakes of the past.



We celebrate knowledge and the power it has to promote positive change. When presented in a balanced and detailed context, it is the most influential force for shaping our communities. It is indispensable for a healthy democracy and essential for a fulfilling quality of life.



One of the most important goals of the Documentary Alliance is partnering with other nonprofit organizations whose missions can benefit from our programming. Each film will have a teacher’s guide for integrating its story into classroom curriculum. Advisory input and collaboration will be sought from our partnering organizations to aid in developing program content. Conversely, completed programs will be made available at no cost to these organizations for their educational outreach needs.


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